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Utility (Sewer) Information

  • To look up sewer billing information, please clickSewer Billing Search
  • For General Sewer Information, please read below or click here.
  • To sign up for AutoPay for your sewer billing, please sign and submit the Direct Withdraw Authorization Form
  • To sign up for E-Sewer Bill Mailings (paperless bills), please fill out information here.

Many Bath Charter Township residents are connected to the public sanitary sewer services provided by the Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCCMUA). Billing for these services are provided by the Treasurer’s Office. Homes are billed by a flat rate based on a single “residential equivalent unit” or REU. The current REU rate is $87.93 per quarter.

The sewer billing schedule is as follows:

Service Coverage



January – March

December 15

January 15

April – June

March 15

April 15

July – September

June 15

July 15

October – December

September 15

October 15

Sewer accounts paid after the due date are charged a 10% fee. For example, a late $87.93 sewer charge is assessed a $8.79 per REU penalty. Please note that failure to receive a sewer bill does not waive penalty charges. Any unpaid sewer charges from the September 15 of the prior year through the June 15 of the current year will appear on the winter tax bill.

Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCCMUA) operates and maintains the sanitary sewer system. If you have a sewer back-up, immediately notify SCCMUA at (517) 669-8311 or call 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch after hours. If a problem within the sewer system is found, SCCMUA is the agency responsible for determining the cause, coordinating claims, and keeping customers informed.

Payment Options for Utility (Sewer) Bills:

  • Online payment using a credit or debit card
  • Phone payment using a credit or debit card
  • E-check payment online

Online Credit/Debit Card Payment:

  • Charge for online or phone credit/debit card sewer payment: $3.95
  • Select “Sewer Billing Search”
  • Search for your account using your name, address, account number, or parcel number. The information you enter must be exactly as it is shown on your bill.
  • You will see the detail of your bill. The total due will show and “Pay Online” will be near that.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and accept the “Terms and Conditions” to continue. Enter the required information and click “Continue”. Follow the appropriate prompts from that point. You may choose to print a receipt or have the confirmation emailed to you.

Electronic Check (E-check):

  • Charge for E-checks for sewer payment: $3.00
  • Follow the instructions for online credit/debit card payments (see above) and click on “E-check” once you’ve located your bill.
  • You will need to know your bank’s routing number and your bank account number. The system provides information on where you can find these numbers.

Phone Payments

  • If you wish to pay your sewer bill by phone using a credit or debit card, you must contact Official Payments Corp. at 1-888-272-9829. You will be charged a flat rate of $3.95 for a sewer payment. Follow the prompts, and when asked for the jurisdiction code enter 7088.

Other items of note:

  • The charges will show separately on your bank/credit card statement. The bill amount will be one charge, and the user fee will be another.
  • Property tax and sewer transactions may not be combined.
  • Please call the Bath Charter Township office at (517) 641-6728 weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. if you have questions. Or you can e-mail Treasurer Jeff Garrity at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it